Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Which Is the Best Kind of Water Purification System for Borewell Water?

Access to safe and clean drinking water is a problem everywhere more so in underdeveloped and developing nations. People in these countries are mostly dependent on well or borewell water, especially in cities. Though the borewell water is comparatively safer to consume, it can also have its share of hardness and contaminants. Microbes and dissolved […]

News & Entertainment

julianne moore photo gallery

Julianne Moore Photo Gallery

Julianne Moore is a popular American actress who has been active in her filmy career since the 1990s. She has won many accolades for enacting in films particularly for her roles as an emotionally disturbed woman. She also received the Academy Awards for Best Actress for her phenomenal performances in movies like Still Alice.

haley ramm hot pictures

Haley Ramm Hot Pictures Collection

Haley Ramm is an American actress, who was born on March 26, 1992 in Collin County, Texas. She is the daughter of American parents Brian Ramm and Barbara Wilson Ramm. She has a brother named Max Ramm. At the age of three, she began dancing in the local studios. She has appeared in nationwide commercials […]

athiya shetty photo galore

Athiya Shetty Photo Galore

Athiya Shetty is an Indian film actress, who was born on 5th November 1992 in Mumbai. She is the daughter of Bollywood’s famous actor Sunil Shetty. Her mother Mana Shetty is a business tycoon who handles the post of Director for R House Furnishing Solutions and S2 Realty Developers Pvt. Ltd respectively.   Athiya made […]

Travel & Leisure

Top 5 Least Explored Places around the World

In this 21st century, we humans are trying to explore every part of the Earth. There’s plenty to discover on our peculiar planet. Many of the earth’s secrets have been revealed by researching and many places can be explored nowadays with ease, thanks to the improving infrastructure and technology. There are many places on Earth, which are still unexplored. Let’s […]

Africa Adventure Tours – Feel the Excitement

Whenever we consider Africa, giraffes, lions, tigers, along with other creatures first spring to mind, combined with the beauty and question from the terrain which exist there. That contains from wondrous beaches, endless deserts and wildlife like just about everyone has never witnessed, Africa has even more than whatever you decide and have imagined. Adventure […]


Google Fi Promotion Offers One Month of Free Service to New Customers

As per fi.google.com, new customers will receive one month of free Google Fi for which they will have to sign up between 11/29/18 12:00 AM PT through 12/16/18 11:59 PM PT or alternatively activate their compatible device  by 12/31/18 11:59 PM PT. The official website also released a list of compatible devices for the Google […]

Google Duo Video Calls Can Finally Happen on Most Chromebooks

As per recent reports and analysis, the implementation of two Google apps Allo & Duo didn’t create much of hype after they were launched in the market about 2 years ago. Users did download the application after the release, but they slowly opted out of the platform after realizing that in order to register on […]