5 Best Action Games to Play This Season

  • 1)Spider Man Unlimited: As we all know spider man is one of the super heroes that have been amazingly accepted by all in movies. Now after a series of hit movies, spider man has now entered the world of games and has succeeded in showing his charisma in the gaming world too. One spark here is you get introduced to a spider woman as well. There is a story that will feel has come straight from the Marvel’s desk. It has threats throughout, and you got to overcome those ultimate threats by collecting and uniting all the Spider Man and Spider Woman together. This season hit the world of spider man absolutely free.
  • 2)Super Mario Run: A very popular and addictive game from the developer of Nintendo co., Ltd. Super Mario Run of 60 MB, with all set of new series that you can now play with one hand only. This game many interesting series like; Kingdom builder, Toad Rally, World Tour, etc. Now keep going forward with this stylish Mario. Download Super Mario Run Game today in your device. It’s easy to download; you just have to go to the app first and then Super Mario Run Apk. file, and then enjoy this fun playful series. It’s the most downloaded games on Google play now.
  • 3)Fatal Driver GT: If you are one of them who enjoys driving games then you must try Fatal Driver GT by “Foose games”. Hit the streets with the fastest cars and transport dangerous packages to correct the tracks. Drive as fast you can with some powerful cars but be very cautious about the intense traffic to save yourself from crashing. Have unlimited fun with this driving game.
  • 4)Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: After a thrilling adventurous sequence of Tom Cruise’s action movie, here comes the game now. Explore the world of actions; track the syndicate all over the world. Complete the challenge of various impossible missions given their objectives. It is designed with all advanced weapons. You can join and form your own agency. You can play this game for free but you may also pay for some extra facilities.
  • 5)Dead Trigger 2: With outstanding graphics, lighting, and a very visually attractive game, where you enter the world of Zombies. Now you all know zombies have been real hit and popular for a while now. Rule the world that has collapsed, thrash all the blood thirsty zombies, and protect the “safe haven”. Unleash the provoking truth; explore the city with this FPS action game. So start loading your gun and save this earth.

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