How can an Engineer crack MBA Finance interview?

This is a way for the panel to judge (1) the seriousness of your candidature (2) to understand your thought process behind the choice (3) your ability

Being an Engineer, you already have a couple of positives on your side –

  • You’re Analytically & Mathematically good
  • You’ve an appetite for hard work/stress thanks to rigorous Engineering entrance examinations IIT/AIEEE

On the negative side, you’ve zero/ beginners’ knowledge the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry.

So, what can you do to cover these gaps and make sure you’re Interview ready? Read Up!

1. Be clear on where you’re heading:

There’s no definitive One Answer Fits All for the question ‘Why MBA in Finance’. The answer stems from your educational background and professional experience. By getting a basic knowledge of the BFS sector, you need to figure out which vertical/role excites you.

After 2 years, you might not even end up in that role, but from an interview panel’s perspective, they are sure to favor a candidate who knows where he is heading than someone who doesn’t have a clue!

Below is a brief overview of the verticals and roles in BFS:

2.Research the Vertical/Role:

MBA finance admission interview

Once you narrow down to a vertical/role and mention it in an interview – be sure to be grilled by the panel over it. While you’re not expected to be an expert, you need to be able to justify your choice and have a basic understanding.

So, Do your Homework😊

3. Do a Short-Term Finance Course:

mba finance admission interview

Something that will help you breeze through the first two steps above – take up a short-term course (preferably with a recognized certification) that you can complete in 30 days by spending a couple of hours every day.

The course should be able to provide you an overview of the Banking and Finance industry and help you in narrowing down on the vertical that interests you!

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