Google Duo Video Calls Can Finally Happen on Most Chromebooks


As per recent reports and analysis, the implementation of two Google apps Allo & Duo didn’t create much of hype after they were launched in the market about 2 years ago. Users did download the application after the release, but they slowly opted out of the platform after realizing that in order to register on the platform they were supposed to add their phone number and not their Google Account.

Although the messaging applications WhatsApp and Snapchat found to have success by implementing the number feature in their app, the developers overlooked the fact that the Google users must have obviously expected to log in to the Google apps via their Google account and not by entering their number to use the platform.

It took the developers quite a lot of time to link the applications to the Google account and the makers are still implementing modifications in the system to allow multi-device support to the users who are willing to use the application for communication. As per current reports, the development team for Allo has halted their work to focus more on Android Messages.

In 2018, Duo did allow the users to link their Google account to the application, but the inclusion didn’t help much when it came to the app integration with Chromebooks. It is observed that plenty of Chromebooks are being whitelisted to install Duo app from the Play Store, but it wasn’t helping the users up to this point.

This morning was a sunny day for the Duo users who possess Chromebooks installed with Android-based apps. From now, users can easily get a Duo for themselves. Hence, from now on, all the users will be able to use the Duo app seamlessly and work their way around the application. If you are a Chromebook user, then don’t wait up – immediately install the application.

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