Google Fi Promotion Offers One Month of Free Service to New Customers


As per, new customers will receive one month of free Google Fi for which they will have to sign up between 11/29/18 12:00 AM PT through 12/16/18 11:59 PM PT or alternatively activate their compatible device  by 12/31/18 11:59 PM PT. The official website also released a list of compatible devices for the Google Fi. All android models run on Android 7 and above and all iOS 11 and higher were listed as compatible.

The beta version “Project Fi” is now a full-fledged service Google Fi. Extensive promotional techniques are being used to generate interest in customers. Only a few days back, it offered around $1000 in travel credits on a purchase of a device from the Fi store, which went off the shelves soon after due to a huge demand. Now it is offering a new deal, which is just as good, but relatively weighs more towards the restrictive side.

It has run a series of promotional offers since its inception as a full-fledged service. On November 23, it rolled out at $200 in Fi credit on purchase of Pixel 3. As of now, the credit stands at a reduced amount of $100. After signing up for Google Fi, users are supposed to download the Fi app to activate the services and transfer the number to Google Fi once the SIM card arrives. However, Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 users don’t need a SIM card.

Google Fi is an ambitious virtual network operator, which provides phone, messaging and data services with either Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Formerly known as Project Fi, it covers more than 170 countries. Google Fi plans are based on a flat-rate subscription cost of $20 per month for unlimited calls, messages and a customized data plan usage at an additional $10 per gigabyte. It also allows for a Group plan, allowing the flexibility to add members to the network at $15 per user. The Google cellular service provider is an MVNO provider and allows its users to switch between a few carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular to receive services.

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