Motorola to Get its New Android Pie Update

motorola android pie update

The Lenovo-owned Motorola has a refreshing new update for Motorola Android One smartphone users as it has been rolling out updates replacing Android Oreo. The much talked about Motorola One with snapdragon 625 featuring the standard 4GB RAM,64 GB internal memory and a 5000 mAh battery with turbo charging is set to enhance its features with the update.

The users are expected to receive an improved battery performance, enhanced sound control, new user interface with a revamped split screen, better low-light imaging, simplified managing of notifications. The update also brings out the “Do Not Disturb” mode along with intuitive navigation. The September-launched phone is priced at INR 15,999.


The 2017 update of Android Oreo is focused on audio-impaired users,while the 9.0 update has made it easier for motor-impaired users. Android Oreo was directed to make user’s visual experience richer with the introduction of new emojis and rendering more vibrant colors. The 9.0 update has a more functional focus with improvements in battery.

android pie update

Adaptive battery uses Machine Learning to predict the apps that are most used and would spend battery only on those apps. Then there’s adaptive brightness, which will adjust the brightness in different environments automatically. The camera is also expected to receive some tweaks in certain models with dual front camera like enhanced immersive qualities such as depth and Bokeh. The Pie update also focuses on micro digital well-being areas such as ‘Do Not Disturb’, app dashboard and app timers.

While the functionality of the phone is being improved, certain areas like media, privacy andsecurity settings aren’t being left behind. Android Pie offers support for headsets with sound delay reporting so that the visuals stay in sync. Motorola One will nowbe able to connect with five Bluetooth connections with Android Pie and users can experience HD audio too.

This device of Motorola under the Android one series in collaboration with Google is also the first to receive an Android Pie update. Getting a Pie update will truly enhance the user experience.


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