Verizon Support for iPhone Dual SIM to Come out Soon


iPhone launched dual SIMwith iOS 12.1 in its latest models iPhone XSMax, XS, and XR. The models can use a physical SIM and another eSIM. Verizon made the choice of not activating the eSIM as it was resulting in degradation of service due to a software issue. The problem has been resolved now and the dual SIM activation on Verizon is likely to happen in early December.

Initially, Verizon had declined to activate the dual SIM as the iPhone could not support the high speed network services provided by Verizon in the new configuration. The physical Verizon SIM, when used in the secondary position, was resulting in the consumers getting only 2G connectivity, which meant lower speeds and lower coverage. This was not acceptable among various other smaller issues.

They had promised their customers, “Wireless customers will be able to activate Verizon service eSIMs as soon as we’re confident you’ll be able to have the great, high-quality service you expect from us on both your primary and secondary line.”They seem to have kept their promise and soon the consumers will be able to use Verizon on their secondary line.

Apple support too seems to have a hand in the resolution of the issue. The expected release date of the latest iOS update 12.1.1 seems to be around the same time. It is expected that this update will make it work better with the US mobile networks along with various other features, or it could be giving out carrier specific upgrades

It is a common practice in Asia and Europe to use dual SIM configuration with the purpose of using both work and personal numbers or local and international numbers through one handsetand toggling between the two. In the US, however, it is used by few consumers and that too only when they are travelling to a foreign country.

Apple was not able to expand its market share due to lack of support for dual SIMs in some regions and had initially been considering addition of dual SIM support only for the China market.


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