What Can You Do In Aspen? 7 Places to Visit and Sites to Enjoy


Aspen is known as an intellectual and cultural haven that offers up music, art, lectures and more the whole year round. It’s music festivals are world renowned and are full of up and coming performing artists as well as famous composers and musicians. Apart from the influx of human knowledge, it is also a place where nature has placed its bounty. The place had a stunning natural landscape which brings visitors from far and near. The presence of hiking, as well as biking trails around the region, brings out the thrill seekers from their nests too. If you are interested in getting to place well, but from a cozy abode where you can rest after coming back from your excursions then Aspen luxury homes are the houses to book.

Want to know more about the activities mentioned above, so that you can look for them during your vacation? Here are those elaborated:

Aspen Mountain

The mountain that started it all, first opened for skiers in 1947 and put Aspen on the map. The place offers amazing summit slopes and fantastic views which is enough to make even the most experienced skier’s heart skip a beat. One of the most favourite spots is called ‘Ajax’, which features around 675 acres of the skiable surface along with 64 miles of the run which is complete with a variety of steeps and bumps. The best thing is that you can create your own ice tracks right along the backcountry trail of the Aspen Mountain Powder Tour. Tired after all the skiing? There are the bars and restaurants which are there to satisfy your hunger. Pro tip: This isn’t the mountain for novice skiers and they should be aware of this.

The Silver Queen Gondola

Traveling 2.5 scenic miles from the middle of Aspen to the stupendous 11,000 feet high peaks of the Aspen mountains will offer dining, hiking, and dancing where you will be spoiled for choice. Expect to be welcomed by an eatery and a sundeck where you will be able to relax get a bite and a drink. Not to mention, take plenty of photos of the surrounding panorama. The ride itself takes around 20 minutes, but once you get up there, there will be opportunities for a lot of outdoor activities including guided nature walks. We would suggest that you book tickets in advance because the price is high.

Buttermilk Slopes

If you are a novice looking for the perfect spot to try out your first trails, then buttermilk’s beginner trails are the best way to begin. If you are unsure of whether you have a full grasp of the instructions, then there are private snowboard and ski lessons which you can take. But there are also trails which more expert and intermediate skiers can take. Open from about 9 am to 3:30 PM daily from the middle of December to early April, you can access any of the four available ski areas. The tickets do vary in prices but purchasing them in advance can be cheaper.

Glenwood Springs

This stop, at about 40 miles along route 82, Northwest of Aspen is a popular hiking spot. But apart from hiking, you can also indulge yourself in whitewater rafting and fishing. But there’s more, there are an intricate collection of beautiful caravans which should be explored. Here’s the secret- it’s not these trails and caravans which earned the town its reputation. It’s actually the hot springs. First known by the native tribes as Yampah Hot Springs, this pool is the place to relax. We would advise that you bring your own towels to save up some of the bucks. Come along dyeing evenings if you are looking for a less crowded atmosphere.


Aspen may seem like an isolated winter paradise, but there are 200 shops which offer everything from eclectic boutiques to consignments and more. We would advise that you go out one afternoon and stroll along the paths \ to browse all the stores offering vintage apparels along, arts, accessories and more along with the latest fashion trends. This is also a great place where you can get your souvenir from.

Paragliding and Rock Climbing

Aspen sits high at approx 8,000 feet in elevation, so the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies who want to get more wind under their wings can try out paragliding. Their certified pilots will take you on a skyward bound journey of up to 18,000 feet. Not into paragliding? Then you can take the one-hour long hot air balloon ride where you will be able to enjoy the sunrise on the Elk mountains. There is also Rock Climbing along the Independence Pass where you will be scaling walls of granite. If you want to lose your adventurous spirit, then we would suggest preparing an itinerary of what you want to engage in.

Go Biking

The Rio Grande Trail is a famous biking jaunt which goes straight up to the Glenwood Springs. They are also lunch locations along the way so you don’t have to worry about going hungry. But there’s more as well, like the 40 miles ride over Independence Pass, 22 miles around Maroon Creek Road and more.

Aspen is the destination for people who want to get away from their routine life and long too do something adventurous. Its ranges, rocks, and springs beckon all who are looking for a getaway.


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