Which Is the Best Kind of Water Purification System for Borewell Water?


Access to safe and clean drinking water is a problem everywhere more so in underdeveloped and developing nations. People in these countries are mostly dependent on well or borewell water, especially in cities. Though the borewell water is comparatively safer to consume, it can also have its share of hardness and contaminants. Microbes and dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium, arsenic, lead, fluoride etc. could be present. At times, it also tastes weird and may have an unpleasant odour.

The quality of the borewell water also changes particularly after a prolonged dry season or heavy rains. During such spells, the quality of borewell water changes drastically. Keeping in mind the different types of contaminants that can find their way into the borewell water, it is recommended to buy a water purifier that takes care of all sorts of contaminants.

RO + UV Purifier: The Best Bet for Purifying Borewell Water

RO purifier is always a good bet for purifying borewell water and making it safe and tasty for consumption. You can either go for simple RO ((Reverse Osmosis) water purifier or RO + UV (Ultraviolet) water purifier depending on the quality of water you get from the borewell. If the water does not contain any heavy metal and the TDS value is under 300 PPM, then a simple RO purifier is good enough.

However, if there are heavy metals like arsenic present in water and the water is also laden with biological contaminants, then you should definitely opt for RO + UV water purifier. This purifier is slightly costlier than the basic one but given that the quality of borewell water can change without warning, it makes more sense to go with it. This will safeguard you against all changes in the quality of water in future as it takes care of all the biological and chemical contaminants.

Thus, if you buy water purifier, which has both RO and UV purification technologies, you are sorted to get rid of all the contaminants that can find their way into the borewell water. Besides taking care of the contaminants, it also improves the taste of the water as the dissolved salts that cause a weird taste are removed.

Sometimes if the groundwater gets contaminated by sulphur compounds, the borewell water smells like rotten eggs, which is due to the formation of Hydrogen Sulphide gas. Even if this gas is present in low concentrations, it can lead to smelly water problems. A good purifier takes care of all such problems.

A good water purifier that can make clean and safe water accessible for consumption is fast becoming a must-have appliance for households. At times, people shy away from buying an RO purifier because of the rejected water percentage, which is slightly on a heavier side. But, you can always use this rejected water for cleaning floors, watering plants and flushing purposes.

An RO + UV water purifier is the perfect choice for borewell water and there are no second thoughts on this fact. If you get borewell water at home, buy water purifier with RO + UV purification technologies from leading brands like KENT.


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